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His NASCAR Adventures

Over the past twenty years, Mike has become a notable figure in the NASCAR community. As a Spotter, he spent a total of seasons with Matt Kenseth and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series. All told, at Roush Fenway Racing, he garnered over 40 wins including three Championships and two Daytona 500’s. At the end of 2013, Mike left Roush Fenway to focus on his flourishing companies and stays active in the NASCAR through many of his business dealings.

Gotta Be Starting Something

Someone once described Mike as a “serial entrepreneur.”

At age 10, he started a lawn care business and garnered almost thirty neighborhood clients. He sought them out during the winter months and offered them a discount if they signed up for the summer services.

Calinoff never pushed one mower.

Instead, he recruited kids and friends of kids to do that pushing. The $12 weekly fee would yield him $5 and his “employees” kept $7. After a year, he sold his territory to a friend and moved on to the next deal.

He has an affinity for starting new things and building them into successful entities. Aside from 140 BUZZ – a PR, Marketing and Social Media company – he owns a company that promotes budding music artists and owns two websites covering NASCAR and Open Wheel. Many of Calinoff’s 140 BUZZ clients are NASCAR teams, drivers and sponsors. He represents many of the most visible partners in NASCAR.

Calinoff lives in Lake Norman, NC and his relationship status may change when you refresh this page.

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