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Busch Focused on Season as Court Decision Lingers

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner @TonyStewart said Thursday the organization has a contingency plan should legal issues force @KurtBusch out of his racecar.

Stewart is hopeful, however, they won’t have to use it while Busch approaches the season full steam ahead. A judge’s decision on the protective order ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll has been seeking continues to linger with Busch unsure when the announcement will come.

“The days in court and now that we’re going close to day 100 as far as all of the proceedings go, normal situations that happen around these type of situations take 30 minutes. So sometimes preferential treatment can go the wrong way,” Busch said, though wouldn’t clearly identify who was receiving said treatment.

“Normal situations like this take 30 minutes, so we’re going close to day 100 now, so we all have to be patient. We all have to understand that there’s a process that we have to respect.”

Busch spent four days in January in Kent County Family Court in Delaware following a November 5 complaint brought by Driscoll of alleged abuse. She’s seeking not only a protective order, but that Busch undergo psychiatric evaluation.

But it was during the proceedings that both sides leveled newsworthy claims against the other. In addition to details about the end of their relationship, Driscoll accused Busch of abuse and having a drinking problem. Busch, on the other hand, testified that Driscoll is a trained assassin.

The longer the days go without a decision from the court – or an announcement from the Attorney General as to whether he’ll face criminal charges – Busch considers good news. He has the support of Stewart-Haas Racing behind him and carries no weight on his shoulders, stating the truth has been revealed, and he’s been honest with those closest to him.

“With the team and their support, they’ve been fantastic, Gene Haas especially,” he said. “It’s amazing to have the comfort level that I have as well as to have told them the truth and understanding of everything. It’s easy to here and be pumped up about the season that’s ten days away.”

Busch was able to get away recently, taking a vacation in St. Barts following the Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour in late January. But he’s ready to go racing with loads of confidence of working with Tony Gibson, who was paired with him for the final three weeks of 2014. He calls the old school crew chief is “great” and easy to communicate with.

As such, Busch revealed he feels the 2015 season is the same positioning from years ago when another veteran crew chief, Jimmy Fennig, was calling the shots. Even as questions surrounding him off the track will remain the hot topic, Busch continues to walk with his head held high.

“It’s a matter of knowing the truth has been told, and we’ll see how things unfold,” he said. “We have to wait on what their decision will be.”



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