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Busch Has ‘Domestic Violence Problem’ Lawyer Claims

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A day after being accused of having perjured herself, Patricia Driscoll’s lawyer’s fired back at Rusty Hardin and Kurt Busch in their closing arguments.

On Wednesday, Hardin wrote to Kent County Family Court that Driscoll had lied on the stand about September 26 when Busch allegedly assaulted her. The claim being Driscoll is a scorned bitter ex-girlfriend trying to ruin Busch’s reputation.

On Thursday, Driscoll’s attorney Carolyn McNeice wrote in her closing argument that Busch’s team is smearing Driscoll’s reputation in an attempt to distract from the issue at hand. She also wrote Driscoll did not have to refute Busch’s testimony that she is a trained assassin because she had previously done so on cross-examination.

“I suggest instead that Respondent [Busch] does not have a public relations problem; he has a domestic violence problem,” McNeice wrote according to The Wilmington Delaware News Journal. “He committed an act of abuse and the Court should find in Mrs. Driscoll’s favor.”

The closing arguments wrap up a court hearing in which Driscoll is asking for a protective order following a November 5 complaint where she alleged Busch slammed her head into the wall of his motorhome three times. She also requested that he undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Busch testified that she came into his motorhome unannounced and then refused to leave. The two reportedly had broken up a week prior to the alleged incident.

A ruling on the matter is expected in the coming days while an announcement of whether charges will be filed by the Attorney General following the conclusion of the investigation from the Dover State Police.

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  1. Eunice Evans

    February 6, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    Still the same, her allegation, he denies. Did she have any witnesses who saw proof of injury to her? Did she produce the “script” to prove he had said what she claimed was lines from the 7 year old script? I stand by my opinion she is trying to destroy him. Had she not gone to him, but called someone who was near him, none of this would be happening now. .Anyone who is a Defense Contractor should have some knowledge of self defense or I would think they were in the wrong business. How would they know whether their product was reliable.

  2. goodeyejohn

    February 6, 2015 at 5:55 PM

    Her 15 minutes are way over with. Move along everybody.

  3. John Alm

    February 6, 2015 at 8:03 PM

    he says , she says , who gives two bananas

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