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Changes made to Truck Qualifying

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NASCAR has updated its qualifying procedures for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series to use team owner points as the primary basis for awarding provisional starting berths when more than the maximum 32 trucks are entered in a given race.

The change shifts from the current system of using qualifying attempts as the main determining factor in assigning provisional starting spots. The procedural update, which was to be communicated to teams Wednesday afternoon, is scheduled to go into effect for the series’ July 12 race at Kentucky Speedway.

Brad Moran, the Camping World Truck Series’ managing director, said the change was intended to emphasize teams’ performance over their number of starts. The update aims to eliminate barriers to participation for start-up and part-time teams by creating performance-based incentives within the provisional system.

The rules update will also affect how the series sets the starting lineup in the event of inclement weather.

Currently, positions 1-26 are set by team owner points, with the remaining six spots going to former driver and owner champions, driver and owner race winners (if not otherwise qualified) and team owner race attempts. In the new format, owner points will determine positions 1-25, with the 26th and 27th spots going to the fastest two drivers from combined practices. The remaining positions will go to eligible former champions and winners as with the current process, but with owner points having priority over attempts in the criteria.