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New Year’s Resolutions for NASCAR’s Chase Drivers

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By Kelly Crandall – As another beautifully colored ball drops in New York City, with thousands dancing in the confetti and millions of others happily watching around the world, it means a New Year is upon us.

With it comes new hope, new goals and for some, a new attitude. Perhaps lists of things they want to do in 2014 that they haven’t done before. It will be no different in the NASCAR world. Drivers and teams alike with a fresh list of what they want to accomplish when the green flag falls in Daytona next month.

NASCAR fans have their own list of what they would love to see their drivers do, as well.

But here’s a list of resolutions for the Chase drivers that made up the 2013 field. Things that they either need to start doing or just do better.

Carl Edwards – Take everything personally. Whether it’s from NASCAR or another driver, you seem to perform much better and are relevant when you have a rival you’re trying to upstage.

Kasey Kahne – Shed the Matt Kenseth robotic personality you inherited this year. Win, lose or draw you’ve become a predictable interview. Grab some of Dale Jr.’s AMP Energy’s and let’s get this party started.

Ryan Newman – Become a Caterpillar bulldozer. With the Outback sponsorship gone and now new colors at Richard Childress Racing, go demolish your competition and become the Ryan Newman that once won eight races in a season.

Kurt Busch – Become a true outlaw. Well, don’t go completely crazy. Know where the line is. Getting in trouble with NASCAR and having all the fans turn against you, again, isn’t what I’m looking for. But embrace the nickname you’ve earned. Speak your mind, race your heart out and do it only a Busch knows how to.

Greg Biffle – Remind everyone that you still race in the Sprint Cup Series. Having wife Nicole charge down pit road and get into a fellow wife’s face wouldn’t hurt the cause either.

Joey Logano – Embrace Sprint Cup Series manhood. You’re getting married, won a race again and made your first Chase. Yet you’re still not getting much respect from those in the garage or grandstands. So time to step up and shed the boy image by going out and taking what you want. That means take no prisoners and stick to your guns when getting into other drivers.

Clint Bowyer – Ditch the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona. It didn’t fit. The hilarious and lovable driver that fans flock to was blown away with that awful acting performance you gave in Richmond.

Jeff Gordon – Make believe that the September Richmond race doesn’t exist. Perhaps work on making sure you can lock yourself in before that last regular season race since the last two years it took other drivers blowing it in order to make it into the Chase.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Cash in those six second place finishes. And while you’re at it, do some pre-season cleaning and you might come across that IOU from Jimmie Johnson after the 2011 Talladega race. Cash in on that, too.

Kyle Busch – Pass off your Nationwide Series cars as Sprint Cup cars when the Chase starts. In order to win the Chase you need to win in the Chase, something you haven’t been able to do. But nowhere do you win more than the NNS, so time for a new strategy.

Kevin Harvick – Be a better villain. You did a great job at RCR for a couple of years but just go for it now. Consider yourself unleashed. After all, who do you have to answer to? Tony Stewart? He’ll more than likely be your bash brother as you two run wild on the circuit.

Matt Kenseth – Use your Home Depot discount a lot more. Stock up on power tools, sledgehammers and whatever else can easily demolish a NSCS car. Don’t be afraid to practice either, I bet that Phoenix car is laying around somewhere.

Jimmie Johnson – Partake in a refresher course of what sharing is caring means. I’m pretty sure Genevieve would enjoy bring your dad to school day, too.

For all NASCAR nation – a happy and healthy New Year.



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