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Pirelli Releases Tire Selections for Monaco

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Formula One and Pirelli have released the tire choices made by teams for the Grand Prix de Monaco.

This year marks the second straight season that Pirelli has offered three compounds for each event. As the same with 2016, teams are required to use two of the three compounds during the event, with a total allotment of 13 sets over the weekend.

The choices must be submitted 14 weeks in advance for long-haul events, and eight weeks in advance of European races. The deadline for decisions was implemented to reduce transport costs. If a team does not give their choices to the FIA before the deadline, the FIA will choose which tires the team can use.

For next weekend at Monaco, all of the drivers except Jenson Button will have just one set of the hardest compound available, while Button has two sets. When it comes to the softest compound, half of the 20 teams elected to have 10 sets, including Ferrari teammates Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Mercesdes’ teammates Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are among the four teams that elected for only nine sets. 

A complete breakdown of the choices can be viewed below.



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Ashley McCubbin

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