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POWER RANKINGS: China Grand Prix

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Throughout the season, POPULAR SPEED will rank the top-10 drivers in Formula 1 following each event. Feel free to comment on the story at the POPULAR SPEED Facebook page.

Team Rankings

2017 Constructor’s Championship

  1. Mercedes (+1)
  2. Ferrari (-1)
  3. Red Bull (NC)
  4. Toro Rosso (+2)
  5. Force India  (NC)
  6. Williams (-2)
  7. Haas (+3)
  8. Renault (-1)
  9. Sauber (-1)
  10. McLaren (-1)

Haas is the biggest change since Australia, jumping up three places to seventh by Kevin Magnusson’s eighth place finish in Shanghai. Mercedes slips back to P1 due to Lewis Hamilton’s decisive Grand Slam, and bringing up the rear are three teams yet to score a single point: McLaren, Renault, and Sauber.

Driver Rankings After China

1. Lewis Hamilton: Although tied in points with Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton utterly dominated the China Grand Prix.

2. Sebastian Vettel: Even in points, Vettel struggled to score his Shanghai runner-up.

3. Max Verstappen: He scored Red Bull’s 100th podium Sunday and has shown every race he is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas (tie): The Finns seem to be like the B sides of vinyl so far this season compared to their teammates Vettel and Hamilton. Meh.

6. Carlos Sainz: From zero to hero, or at least up to sixth place in our rankings. Sainz showed incredible courage in starting the race on slicks instead of intermediate tires, unlike his 19 competitors chose.

7. Daniel Ricciardo: He finished fourth in China, two points ahead of Sainz.

8. Sergio Perez: Placing ninth in Shanghai, Perez deserves credit for scoring points in both races so far.

9. Felipe Massa: Edged out of eighth place in our Rankings due to not scoring any points in China.

10. Kevin Magnusson: Not rated last time, Magnusson’s impressive finish noted above means his ranking here agrees with his actual current points position.


We will resume the rankings in one week, after Bahrain.

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Lisa Davidson

Lisa Davidson is a graduate of the University of Arizona and spent her corporate career as a Controller. She is a lifelong writer who has been covering open wheel racing since 2000 and is the author of historical articles and co-author of one book She and her husband, photographer Jeff Davidson, have two daughters and make their home in Murrieta, CA.