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“They Said What?” Best Daytona 500 Quotes

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Following an intense, drama-filled Daytona 500, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers were not short of opinions.

So here are some of the best quotes uttered following the first race of the 2018 season.

Matthew T. Thacker NKP

“I did what I had to do there at the end. I hate it for the No. 10 (Aric Almirola) guys. We had a run, and I stayed in the gas. It is what it is here at Daytona. This is so awesome to take the No. 3 car back to Victory Lane 20 years ago. This one is for Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and all those Sr. fans.  I love you guys.  We are going to keep kicking butt the rest of the year!” – Austin Dillon

Matthew T. Thacker NKP

“I might need to see the replay before I say anything stupid, but he might need to take some Adderall for that one. […] He (Denny Hamlin) says I cut his tire down.  It looked like the same move he pulled on (Ryan) Blaney at Martinsville.  We had some momentum and we beat him, so it’s all good.” – Darrell Wallace Jr.

Logan Whitton NKP

“It looked like everybody thought that was the finish of the Daytona 500 and it was really only lap 59 coming to 60.  Unfortunately, we lost our third car for the weekend.  It’s unfortunate it has turned out that way, but we will get this Lowe’s for Pro’s Chevy dialed in for Atlanta and go do it again.” – Jimmie Johnson

Russell LaBounty NKP

“I think that wreck was just a product of speedway racing.  You’ve got young guys with fast race cars.  They were probably being a little too aggressive, blocking, moving around, pushing and sometimes you get what you ask for, and I think the two guys that wrecked got what they asked for and it’s just a shame we were caught in it.” – David Ragan

Barry Cantrell NKP

 “He’s not driving too aggressively, he’s trying to win the Daytona 500 just like I was.  I saw him come with the momentum and I pulled up to block and did exactly what I needed to do to try to win the Daytona 500.  I wasn’t gonna just let him have it.  I wasn’t gonna just stay on the bottom and let him rail the outside, so I blocked and he got to my bumper and pushed and I thought I was still gonna be OK and somehow I got hooked.  I still haven’t seen the replay, so I don’t know what happened, but I’m just devastated.  I really thought we were gonna start this relationship off with Stewart Haas Racing in Victory Lane and get Smithfield and Ford and everybody to Victory Lane, but I’m really proud of everybody.  That was a back up car and we were a half a lap away from winning the Daytona 500.  I’m really proud of that.  I’m still very excited.  I’m not gonna let that get me down.  We’ve got an incredible race team and I’m gonna go to Atlanta and we’re gonna have good race cars there and we’ll have a shot to win next week.” – Aric Almirola

Barry Cantrell NKP

” I just got caught in a Bermuda Triangle it seemed like when Hamlin blocked us.  I hit him pretty hard and that killed a lot of my momentum.  Maybe I should have just flung the 11, but you have to treat guys with respect and you’ve also got to throw your elbows out and you have to hold the hits when you get hit.  We were close to going back-to-back in the Daytona 500, but I don’t have anything to show for it.” – Kurt Busch

Nigel Kinrade NKP

“I’m not really surprised. There’s a few guys out there that had a good amount of speed on anyone else and they can make moves whenever they want. It was definitely a handful. To run two-three wide with 60-lap tires, you were asking a lot from everyone to not crash. Just a lot of guys in a tight window and that’s just how things go.” – Martin Truex Jr.



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